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Problem wildlife can transform a safe and sound residence into a scary mess! Whether you require removal of bats, rats, raccoons, snakes, or squirrels (and so on), you never ever volunteered to share your home or yard with a wild animal that might damage your home or spread disease to your family. Do not endure an unwelcome animal. Control your wild animal issue by calling AAAC Wildlife Removal today to remove your critter and help take care of the damage they left in their wake.

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Wildlife Removal from Attics in Mobile, AL

Nothing says safety, security, and comfort to a wild animal like your attic. Raccoons, rats, bats, and squirrels are always trying to find a completely dry and convenient location to raise a family. They tear open your house specifically, the roof covering, or damage your soffits and eaves, and pollute the area with hazardous droppings. That would not only look good for your house but could even harm your family’s health. And so, we will remove them in ways that are both secure and humane.

Raccoons in several traps

Trapping Wild Animals

AAAC Wildlife Removal team is educated on the most recent cutting-edge removal services to capture all kinds of wildlife, both inside your home and out in your backyard. We practice the most gentle wildlife control techniques possible, and adhere to all State laws and regulations concerning removing wildlife and trapping.

Some of the common animal removal services we provide include:

raccoons in traps in mobile

Mobile Raccoon Removal

Raccoons are destructive and agile animals. They can quickly chew through your home’s structure looking for food or to claim a safe haven with their young ones, so it becomes essential that you deal with raccoons as soon as possible! This way there will be no structural damages done by these pesky creatures in addition to making sure they’re removed from your property once we get our hands on them – guaranteed satisfaction every time.

We’d be more than happy to assist you with Raccoon Removal in the Mobile area

squirrel excluded from an attic by a one way door

Squirrel Removal

A small, furry creature that can be found in every state except Hawaii and Alaska is the pesky squirrel. They love to chew through wires or bring other unwanted critters like snakes into your home! But don’t worry: they’re not invincible because you have some pretty cool ways of dealing with them quickly enough if they make themselves at home on your property Contact AAAC Wildlife Removal today for help solving this problem

We’d be more than happy to assist you with Squirrel Removal in the Mobile area

rodent in a trap in mobile alabama

Rodent Control

Rodents are the pesky, crawly kind of animal that we deal with on a regular basis at AAAC Wildlife Removal. Mice and rats can carry disease such as Hantavirus or salmonella so it’s important to get rid of them quickly! We offer complete pest control services because you never know when those little pests might be carrying something harmful for your family members who live in close proximity.

Call us now for your Rodent Control needs!

bat in wildlife technician's glove in mobile

Mobile Bat Removal

Bats are a unique animal when it comes to animal removal because they can be both beneficial and harmful. Bats provide great pest control for farms, but sometimes their presence in your home is not so pleasant. They leave toxic guano or urine throughout your attic which can be harmful to the people and pets in your home. Once disturbed, guano releases spores of histoplasma capsulatum which can lead to the severe lung disease histoplasmosis once inhaled.

If you need Bat Removal from your attic, call AAAC Wildlife Removal of Mobile ASAP!

pigeons trapped on rooftop in mobile

Pigeon and Bird Control

Birds are often seen as pests because their droppings pose serious health risks. Birds spread diseases like histoplasmosis, salmonella and avian flu viruses which can be contracted from being contaminated by bird poop or feathers while in contact with them on your property. If you don’t want this happening then getting rid of birds is a good idea!

If birds are making your life a mess, call us for Bird Control today!

man catching copperhead snake in mobile alabama

Mobile Snake Control

Snakes may seem like something out of a horror movie, but they do live all throughout Alabama – including where people choose to build homes. Some snakes might prefer living outside next to rocks and trees while others can be found under logs in need for shelter or an old crawlspace that has not been used for years. We offer complete removal services so you don’t have unwanted guests lurking around your property!

If snakes are sneaking around your yard or home, call use today for expert Snake Removal

Before and after photo of wildlife damage repair

Wildlife Damage Repair & Critter Re-Entry Prevention

Getting your critters gone is just half the fight. A real wildlife solution means you need experts who can secure all the access points (where your hairy buddies got in in the first place), and repair the damage they caused when destroying your wooden panels, soffits, eaves, and vents. Our team is handy and capable of making any repairs you need.

If you need Wildlife Damage Repair in Mobile, Alabama, contact us today!

wildlife technician inspecting attic

Attic clean-up and insulation

If you have had a family of animals living upstairs, they have possibly made a massive mess that they did not worry about cleaning up. Animal waste left in an attic (like bat guano) can be harmful to humans! Do not try to remove the waste yourself without specialized training or equipment. Call us, the experts at AAAC Wildlife Removal of Mobile in there to securely decontaminate your attic and replace your ruined or trashed insulation.

If you need Attic Restoration services, contact AAAC Wildlife Removal of Mobile today

What makes us the most effective Wildlife Removal provider for you in Mobile?

We have devoted the last 15 years building one of the most effective wildlife removal operations in Mobile and in the state of Alabama. We are:

  • Timely, considerate, and professional
  • Enthusiastic about our trade and protecting your property
  • Gifted trappers that understand the animals we work with
  • Caring and humane
  • Masters at carpentry and home repair services

We are completely licensed, insured, and extremely well reviewed on Google. We did not grow into the most effective by making our clients anything but completely pleased!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who do I call to remove wild animals?

A: That depends upon the animal. If you have a feral dog or cat that needs to be removed, you really should call your regional Animal Control office. If the animal you need to remove is a woodland creature (like a raccoon, bat, rat, or snake), then you would call Wildlife Removal Mobile provider (like us!).

Q: Exactly how do you remove wild animals?

A: The procedure for getting rid of wild animals varies based upon the animal as well. Bats usually need to be excluded from an attic. Raccoon Control and Squirrel removal really should be done with humane trapping, relocation, and release.

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